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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 20, 2019 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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iconic declar armstrong has a pecan the first man to step foot on the man on the moon 50 years ago today. very emotional for me. i was a kid really interested in space. i had walls of models of all of
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i remember this day. july 20, 1969 is a day that will be forever marked in history books. good evening to you. today the world marks 50 years since humans first walked on the moon. there were a number of events today commemorating the milestone. across the country. bill keating has more from the kennedy space center in florida. >> reporter: it is been a weeklong celebration leading up to this landmark day. july 20 the 50th anniversary of the triumphant apollo 11 moon landing. the day watched around the world. as the impossible fantasy became reality. astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin and michael collins into instant heroes. july 16, 1969 the three astronauts were strapped into their capsule the eagle on top of a massive rocket.
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the astronauts propelled into orbit and just over 11 minutes from florida's kennedy space center. four days later on july 20 armstrong and aldrin severe momentous first steps. become the first humans to ever set foot on the lunar surface. one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: they spent 2 1/2 hours walking on the moon. collecting samples conducting experiments planting a flag. all while taking these iconic photographs. collins remained in orbit and the command module throughout the mission an estimated 650 million people worldwide tuned in to watch the landing on the televisions.>> we kneveryone would be looking at us.>> reporter: people all over the world including mike pence reliving the glory of the manned missions of the moon. coming together to honor the american astronauts for their iconic journeys. america will return to the moon within the next five years.>> reporter:
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the capsule in crew splashdown on july 24, 1969. capping a nine-day mission to the moon and back and winning the space race. apollo 11 events also took place all of the bay area today. a celebration at the space and science center. that is where we find alyssa. how did people celebrate in oakland?>> reporter: they had a really good time. the event is wrapping up. some people got into it. we saw people in costum. isactivities and opportunities learn about the history of the apollo missions. visitors at oakland space and science center party like it was 1969. to mark the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing.>> we
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had our black and white tv in the whole family watch.>> reporter: computer scientist jay trimble was a young boy when it happened. he now works for nasa. very emotional for me. i was a kid interested in space. i had walls of models of all of our rockets when i was a kid. i remember this day.>> reporter: he caused the moonwalk nessus defining moment. and a great unifying moan and for humanity. a record number of visitors came to the museum saturday to mark the milestone. it is a landmark moment. >> reporter: like this family from roseville. we wanted to give them the experience of science. we love science. >> reporter: there were activities for children focused on space exploration. to inspire a new generation. and astronomers that the mission answered many questions about the moon. that the craters were caused by impact. not volcanoes. there is so much more left to discover. we quite scratch t
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they took some samples back about 842 pounds of rocks back. these were just off the surface. there was no opportunity to dig down and find out what is going on under the crown.>> reporter: the event included a count down to mark the exact moment 50 years ago the astronauts took their first steps on the moon. one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind.>> reporter: why haven't humans been back to the moon since that date that made history? it is a matter of will and desire. it is not a matter of ability.>> reporter: that could happen soon. a mission in 2024. the artemis program named after apollo sister. if all goes as planned it will put a new generation of u.s. astronauts on the moon including the first female astronaut. we have
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continuing coverage of the milestone. 10:30 pm the connection to the moon landing right here in the bay area. east bay deli owner is under fire for a controversial facebook post. the owner of the business that he will give a free side to anyone who says send her back while ordering. the delis yelp page has dozens of negative reviews including this one that says hate is not an american value. please do not patron this business. our country is a melting pot and it is sad to see hatred being spread. choose to support local business that want to unite our country and not divide. we have a choice to where we spent our money. people support the deli sy and we have seen a lot of people come out on both sides of this. some people say they're going to boycott and are planning a rally. other people stop by the deli to show support for the owner. it is a go to sandwich spot for some and clayton. i come here all the time.>> reporter:
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customers learned they normally opened on saturday is closed today. there is no sign explaining why. this comes one day after the owner posted this on his personal facebook page. meatballs made would be today in case we offend any of our overly sensitive pork haters. free sites when you say send her back. hashtag brooklyn heroes. the pulse plays of president trump's north carolina rally or the crowd chanted send her back about omar. congressman omar.po writing bad revideli on yelp and commenting on social media. this includes the foreign-born mayor of clayton. she tells ktvu she is a strong believer in first amendment rights and he is entitled to neby the post. in a statement she said there is no place in our community for hatred and bigotry.
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when hateful comments are being promoted as part of local business they reflect on our community's reputation. these advocates group has a similar stance. we strongly condemn the comments made by mr.. and further ask he apologized to our community for his hateful message. others stop by the deli to show support and stand by him. one man said he doesn't agree with the backlash. if you don't like somebody's opinion don't come here. you don't have to get on social outlets and write negative comments about him. it is good food. he has been in business for a long time. >> reporter: the post is misunderstood. i thought it was a joke. people took it too far. apparently we cannot tell jokes anymore. >> reporter: a rally is planned by the east bay human rights advocates. next saturday the 27th at the grove park in downtown clayton. the group said it is a peaceful rally the goal is to promote tolerance and inclusivity. the delis owner contacted
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us this evening to let us know he posted a response to the backlash on his facebook page. and part of his message he compared his original post to a courtesy informing customers about the ingredients and the items served at the deli. he went on to say customers can get overly sensitive. i greatly love and support my people. that support us. i apologize to my family. and those closest to me. and shame on you to all who blow this out of proportion. he goes on to defend the comments made in his original post saying it is his first amendment rights. we have posted his entire facebook live video on our website. you can find it trump is walking back criticism of the send her back chant at a campaign rally. the talk about chance happened this week at a north carolina
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rally. on wednesday facing criticism the president said he felt badly about the chance. today the president tweeted he wasn't particularly happy about the chanting. he called people at the rally incredible patriots. earlier today east bay congresswoman barbara lee here are her thoughts. >> reporter: these are racist comments. his behavior is racist. he is a racist. what is important is to understand his agenda is an agenda that is embraced by white nationalists and whites the premise. that is very dangerous and he is doing this course we know to cater to his following in his base. in the meantime what he is doing is putting members of congress women everyone people of color in danger. the congresswoman said some of her republican colleagues are quietly told her they think
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the president's comments are wrong. she said they are reluctant to come forward. a man has been arrested in connection with an attempted sexual assault in mountain view. invesco to say last night at about 9:40 pm 30-year-old sergio martinez snuck up on a woman at creekside park and try to carry her off but she fought back. the suspect ran away. if you hours later officers responded to reports of a prowler on easy street. and recognize martinez from the victim's description of the earlier attempted assault. martinez was arrested for attempted attempting kidnapping and false imprisonment as well as prowling charges. a man arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted a teenage girl. sheriff officials say 24-year- old juan de la cruz sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl. they say he gave her marijuana and was also in possession of methamphetamines. he and the girl were approached by a sheriff deputy on wednesday while in his parked in his parked car.
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he has been arrested on suspicion of committing lewd acts with a minor. a brand-new terminal. we have a sneak peek at the new digs the pay tribute to harvey milk coming up. the giants go up against the mets. got a different result today. an update on the matchup between the a's. and the twins. in our weather a cooldown today across portions of the bay area. temperatures could be trending upward we will update the forecast coming up. a deadly heat wave sweeping through major cities in the u.s. following one of the hottest months on record. i've got the details coming up.
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berkeley plans to launch a reusable cup loan service in mid-september similar to a library book loan system. restaurants and cafis on the campus and telegraph avenue will participate. customers check out a cup dirty cups of them picked up by bicycle petty cam washed and return to cafis and restaurants for reuse. the idea is part of the berkeley single-use disposable food were illiterate reduction. people got a sneak peak of the new harvey milk terminal one at international airport today. the ensemble from san francisco memorial church. performed at the opening of the newly rebuilt terminal. those in attendance got the first look inside the facility.
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as well as a preview of the upcoming hyatt hotel at the airport. the terminal is named the harvey milk terminal in honor of the former city supervisor for his work pushing for lgbtq rights. although he served less than 11 short months on the board of supervisors. he had a tremendous impact. terminal one is being rebuilt in stages and will eventually have 25 gates when it is open 2023. there are more signs of rebuilding in the town of paradise. eight months after the camp fire destroyed the entire town. public swimming pool tomorrow. until last week it had been filled with debris. firefighters use their hoses to refill the pole with clean water. it sounds park and rec d the re lets people know paradise is making a comeback. millions of people across the u.s. are suffering through a sweltering heat wave.
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temperatures rose to 100 degrees or at least felt like it is cities like new york boston and philadelphia. jackie has more on how officials are taking extra precautions to keep people safe.>> reporter: the deadly heat wave reaching peak temperatures this weekend. putting millions of americans under excessive heat warnings. the kind of advisory issued when a combination of heat index high humidity and poorer air quality become alarming. i prefer snow over intense heat.>> reporter: the heat gripping major cities in the u.s. stretching from the east coast to the midwest. ees in some parts of the new york metro. the national weather service issued a warning with a map showing affected areas across the country. tweeting the hazy hot and humid conditions will persist through the weekend. be smart and stay cool. everybody is miserable. people are walking around with towels on their head trying to beat the heat.
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lots of sweat. >> reporter: the blistering conditions prompting authorities to take safety measures. in an effort to conserve energy and avoid another blackout in new york city the mayor ordering business owners to set their thermostats high. in a tweet the mayor writing i declared a local emergency to the extreme heat. directing owners and operators of large office buildings to set building thermostats to 70 degrees to conserve energy. from friday morning to sunday evening. the mayor said new yorkers cannot take any chances. our fear is people dying. it is atstroke can be temperature scorching the city several events including the 2019 york city triathlon has been canceled. organizers said safety concerns for athletes and spectators. scientists blamed the ongoing global warning warming for the heat wave around the world. the national weather service reports extreme heat is the most fatal weather hazard in
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the u.s. even more deadly than hurricanes and floods. that he's on the east coast stretching to the midwest. more on that in our local weather. the reporter had a good point. the extreme heat is so dangerous to our health. keep that in mind. when we get the heat. you think you are okay. your body does not give you too much warning. we have excessive heat warnings. we check in some of the current numbers across the country. hot toward the desert for phoenix and las vegas. out toward new york city washington and dc. temperatures in the upper 80s. if you factor in the relative humidity the feels like temperatures any 5 degrees. in new york early sunday morning. 95. the current observation and dc washington dc 92. another day of pretty dangerous heat. for tomorrow.
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back here across the bay area by contrast actually pretty comfortable. 60s 70s and lower 80s. fairfield 83. evermore 81. san jose 79. san francisco 66. the satellite showing you this. cloud and morning clearing back near the coastline. it has been the same pattern each and every day. they pushed back into the bay overnight. that is what is happening right now. and on shore breeze pushing the cloud deck back into portions of the bay area for tonight. current numbers we have 50s and some 60s. san francisco 57. mountain view 64. livermore 62. our live camera looking out to the bay bridge for tonight. you can see it looks like it is cloudy. low clouds making a comeback. trying to block the salesforce tower with the light still showing through the cloud deck. increasing low clouds and fog tonibe the overall forecast for tomorrow morning. lower 50s to lower 60s.
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the afternoon most areas will be a little bit warmer. the warmest locations back up into the upper 80s for your sunday forecast. around the base 70s. the costs in the 60s. we will continue to heat things up in the five day forecast. will have that coming up. speaking of heat temperatures experiencing the hottest june on record. the world meteorological organization reports climate change is to blame. europe and south america and africa had their hottest month on record. many european countries the average daily temperatures was 10 degrees higher than normal. both land and sea surface temperatures were the highest on record. nine of the 10 have occurred since 2010. a heat wave that intense. we're talking about the june event in europe. it is occurring 10 times more frequently today than a century ago. as a climate change. the spokesperson said new
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heat waves could hit europe leading to problems like droughts and forest fires. cleaning up in san mateo neighborhood. volunteers target an area. packed with rvs. how the trump administration is responding after i ran season british oral taker. oil taker. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪ beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond.
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that leave therea lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed.
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tensions remain high in the persian gulf after revolutionary guards seized a british oil taker the seizure came days after the united states military worked it shut down iranian drone. two weeks after a britons seized an iranian tanker. fox news lucas reacted from the trump administration. >> reporter: mike pompeo spoke to reporters in ecuador where he set the u.s. is ready to speak to iran if it stops is provocations which is escalating in the persian gulf the last two months.
10:24 pm
spring they have to make a decision that it was to behave like a normal nation. if they do that we are prepared to negotiate across a broad spectrum of issues with no preconditions. i hope they will do that. but to date we have seen no indications the iranians are prepared to fundamentally change the direction of the nation. the pope states he be eric's video showing islamic revolutionary guard forces wearing black ski mask down a helicopter onto the deck of the british oil tanker seats friday night. last week arroyo navy warship lockable to doing the same thing to another british tanker. iran said his actions are retaliation for british commander seizing a supertanker of gibraltar two weeks ago. authorities said it was carrying oil to syria in violation of sanctions. last night the pentagon announced it was an hundred smart troops to saudi arabia for the first time in 16 years. putting fighter jets like these since the region in june. a patriot antimissile battery will be deployed.
10:25 pm
there are 70,000 u.s. troops deployed to the middle east. the day before iran sees the oil tanker in u.s. as passive the same area destroyed an iranian drone. using this new device strapped to the deck without firing a shot. a new addition to the u.s. arsenal. iran denies the american warship down strong. i rank it seems to hold five americans captive. officials tell me iran has over 2000 ballistic missiles. a wholesale drug distributor is facing serious charges for allegedly taking part in the deadly opioid epidemic. a federal grand jury has indicted an ohio based pharmaceutical wholesaler miami two of its former officials mil prescription painkillers. prosecutors say during a four- year period the company distributed more th hydrocodone.
10:26 pm
in west virginia which is a town made up of 1400 people. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of ohio said other communities in west virginia ohio and kentucky were all impacted as well. i do believe that it is incumbent on us as the department of justice to ensure that justice is done regardless of whether the person is dealing at the street level or enabling it in the boardroom. in a separate case on friday 2 ohio counties argued for years drug companies ignored and violated laws requiring them to report orders of opioids and not ship them. all of the companies accused in the case are denying the claims against them. we are told this will be a closely watched trial when it begins in october. nearly 2000 cities and counties across the country have filed suits against the drug industry. this case will be the first to
10:27 pm
go on trial. apollo 11 coverage continues after the break. how a ship in alameda laid a role in getting the astronauts to safety after their return trip from the moon. they were a part of history. not just u.s. history but world history. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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back now with continuing coverage of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. people may not know this but at earth the ecial bay area uss hornet pulled the astronauts to safety. lee martinez talk to some of the people aboard the hornet that day.>> reporter: the uss hornet today the museum. active military service as part of major world historical moments. it recovered the apollo 11 and
10:30 pm
apollo 12 crews after they return to earth and splash landed in the pacific ocean. son of the 50th anniversary of nasa's moon landing the hornet hosted his own celebration. the kennedy space center set up exhibits the california academy of science put out a temporary planetarium. the real attraction is the original recovery team. they were a part of history. world history. it ranks with magellan and columbus. this was a seminal moment in world history. about the first opened the hatch to greet the astronauts. i had to step out into the water. then i got into the open window wrap to get into my garment. my swim recovery team carried me over. we put the decontamination in place. the race.>> a flight surgeon was waiting in the helicopter.>> one by one. when they came in we couldn't hear anything inside the helicopter. we had hand signals. i got a thumb up from the
10:31 pm
second guy. it thumbs up from the third guy in my life was complete. >> reporter: he had to then stay with the astronauts and the mobile quarantine facility.>> i had to get swab samples from the top of the head to the bottom of their feet. swab samples. in the command module. off their suits. everything has to be analyzed. >> reporter: 12 men have stepped foot on the moon. it's about the people to help get them there. talkington scientists today they say they always need plenty of people with plenty of passion to help the next mission. nasa will need scientists and engineers. and technologist. and mathematicians. we will also for and communicators. an artist to help us to design and communicate the way. we will need doctors. we are going to need plumbers and electricians. who make message machines. >> reporter: they look forward to what the new space age will
10:32 pm
bring.>> it seems like yesterday. especially i am back your seeing all the people i worked with. that rocket caring 2 astronauts blasting off from a launch pad. if you hours ago they joined two astronauts who have been on the international space station since march. local leaders and neighbors all join together to get their hands dirty for a good cause in san mateo county. there was a cleanup effort this morning. organized by the supervisor. the area that was targeted broadmoor village has seen a proliferation of homeless individuals living in our. this is video in daly city. volunteers met this morning. the supervisor said today's cleanup day people the
10:33 pm
opportunity to make a difference in the neighborhood and do something nice for others. this is a social issue. it is a social problem. that needs to be addressed. weavremember these people they are working plaque working- class people. we need to do all we can to support them. also taking part in the cleanup was supervisor with the san mateo county office of committee affairs. the broadmoor police department and the county sheriff's office. the barbecue in while black will take place in oakland tomorrow. the party last year stemmed from the barbecue becky incident last april. in which a woman called police to try to stop 2 african- american men from using a barbecue at the lake. people organized the barbecuing while black party last july. they now want to make it an annual event. the celebrates positivity in the east bay african immune african-american community. to support has saved a women's shelter from eviction. at least for now.
10:34 pm
serenity house is a shelter for homelessness. the nonprofit ran into trouble when they were told the rents on their facility was increasing by 75%. going from $2000 a month to 3500. serenity house created a gofundme page. and has raised more than $27,000. directors say they need it to raise enough money to make sure they're covered until late summer and early fall. when new grants and contracts kick in. san jose version of restaurant week is on the way. died downtown. ings. through july 28. dying downtown is designed to help bring more people out of the restaurant. during a time that is lower for restaurants across the industry. a list of participating restaurants a tradition 50 years the
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strong. we take you inside san diego's comic con. a little bit of a warming trend in the bay area forecast. we will let you know once the spots could be approaching upper 90s.
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compare comcast business to your current provider. my current service provider does not provide half of what you provide. and to know that i could save money? i'd be thrilled. this sounds like a whole business package, which would be incredible.
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so what are you guys waiting for? let's do it. (laughs) comcast business gives you a full suite of products with great performance and value. get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. san diego's comic con is back this weekend for its 50th year. the convention features sneak peaks of upcoming movies and a chance to meet celebrities. some of the casting game of thrones. many attendees say their favorite part of course is dressing in costume. i am robin from stranger things. i just love her character. she is strong and smart and cute.>> this was a couple hours. just doing makeup alone.
10:38 pm
getting that outfit is the easy part. makeup is the hard part. a lot of powder. 11 of setting spray. it looks good. more than 135,000 people are expected at the san diego convention center over the weekend. temperatures will be trending up the next few days. tomorrow we have not been talking about extreme heat. the next few days especially midweek a few spots inland to be flirting with the upper 90s. the highs from this afternoon. it was warm but not excessively hot. san jose 79. oakland 70. san francisco 66. satellite showing once again we have not completely cleared out the fog. it is getting his act together pushing back into the bay tonight. it will be around first thing tomorrow morning into sunday. current numbers on the board still some 50s and 60s. walnut creek 60.
10:39 pm
san jose 64. san francisco has cooled off 87. a live camera for tonight looking out toward the bay bridge. and out toward this cloud bank. some more clouds. in the forecast for tonight. they will be around first thing tomorrow. overnight lows starting sunday will be in the 50s to right around 60. maybe some localized drizzle in portions of the coast or the bay shoreline to start out sunday. by the afternoon we sunny skies partly cloudy in san francisco by tomorrow afternoon for the giants. this area of high pressure will few days. tomorrow we will bump up the numbers. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the weekend. warmer than today. that trend will continue into next week. especially heading into tuesday and wednesday.
10:40 pm
primarily enslen warm-up. the coastal areas not warming up much. the fall could still be a factor. tomorrow morning lower 50s and lower 60s. waking up to some gray. the afternoon the clouds clear back to the coastline. 60s to the 70s to the upper 80s. a few spots could be right around the 90 degree mark. clear lake number 92. 80 sonoma county. fairfield 87. vacaville 90. clouds for the morning for oakland san leandro and hayward and when you will see 80s. san jose forecast high 81. gilroy 86. as we scanned the temperatures lots of 80s. soon be showing you some 90s in your five-day forecast. let's show it to you now. 90s in the five-day forecast. monday and tuesday. we have three tiers with numbers. the middle to upper 90s. the warmest locations around the bay. upper 70s to 80s.
10:41 pm
the beach is not warming up yet. lower 60s. at least we have options in the bay area. if you don't like the temperature in one spot maybe move a few inches and you will notice a change. that is it for news. sports rap is up next. continues to be for the a's. how they extended their home run hitting streak and minneapolis. that and all of saturday's words coming up. sports. show me the crown.
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did you know the two hottest teams in all of baseball right now right here in the bay area? days in minnesota. matt chapman back in the lineup after missing two games with the ankle injury. brett anderson gave up two home runs in the first before settling down. nelson cruz sent this pitch over the wall and dead center. 2 2-0 twins. that is until mark even it up with one swing. into the middle deck. a's have hit at least one home run in 20 straight games. nice backflip. 2-2 tie. next batter ramon. he is going deep. this one to right center. his 20th of the season. the back-to-back homers give the a's the leads 3-2. they give it back in the bottom
10:45 pm
half. miguel crushes this anderson pitch to left. estimated at 443 feet. that ties the game. the twins take the lead. sac fly. in the ninth 201 and two out for chris davis who comes up with a clutch hit all first baseman cj. come into score. a's they retake the lead 5-4. bases loaded for the twins. one out. liam hendrix gives mitch gardner to hit the game ending 6-4 double play. as the a's escape with a 5-4 victory. oakland 16-4. in the last 20 games. they would try to get the four- game series against a very good twins team tomorrow. as for tonight's gritty victory.


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